Walking Humbly with God



Rev. Lynne Alley-Grant

The spiritual leader of the Chapel to guide, enlighten, encourage, and aid all that come to our door.

Office Manager

Claudia Cox

The administrative leader of the Chapel who schedules activities, prepares materials for services, and keeps contact with all in and outside the Chapel.

Chair, Walker Chapel Council

Martha Schoonover

The leader for policy and procedures within the Chapel plus the guidance and encouragement to all committees chairs and their members.

Chair, Board of Trustees

Christopher Hatcher

Responsible for the care and management of all Chapel properties including the Historic Cemetery.  The financial manager of all funds, investments plus the legal representative of the Chapel in all maters.

Chair, Hospitality Committee

Herb Grant

The greeter who spreads the joy of the Chapel to all who cross our path, the master of the social media portals who also participates in the website for a consistent message of friendship, grace, and caring.

Lay Leader

James Wright

The congregation’s leader for lay guidance, support, and council in all maters across all lines of Chapel leadership and management.

Chair, Finance Committee

Christiane Roehler

 Although we come to the Chapel for a different reason, being a small church we are serious about our stewardship and accountability for the funds and gifts freely given to the glory of God.

Director, Music Ministry

Stuart Carson

The guide, conductor, and master of all music as the ministry reaches out to all with their joyful sounds and seasonal musical message of the wonders before us.

Chair, Proptery & Cemetery Committees Webmaster

Larry Danforth

The Chapel Historic Cemetery dates back to the origin of the Chapel and provides the restful backdrop to our grounds as we care for those who were dear friends and who are now entrusted to our care forever.

Chair, Outreach Committee

Carl Cunningham

The Chapel hosts many events and activities throughout the year that are planned, managed, and carried out by the Outreach committee and the many members who come together to celebrate our relationships.

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