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Saturday, September 28, 2019 - Setup 9:00 am to 9:45 am - Meal Packaging from 10:00 am to Noon




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Help feed people in need throughout the world by making 

a contribution today to the benevolent programs 

of Walker Chapel where 100% of your donation 

goes to vetted charities like Rise Against Hunger.








Meal-packaging events are the heart of the Rise Against Hunger's work. RAH works with volunteers from corporations, faith congregations, schools, colleges and universities, and civic groups.

Meal-packaging events take place either at a Stop Hunger Now warehouse or at the volunteers’ location through a mobile operation that delivers ingredients and supplies. During the event, volunteers work in teams at each packaging station.


Volunteers set up and take down packaging stations and equipment, fill bins with raw ingredients, scoop ingredients into meal bags, weigh and seal the bags, box and stack them on pallets, and load the pallets and equipment onto a truck. To view a meal package CLICK HERE.

Meal-packaging events are a great way to educate volunteers about global hunger and inspire them to get more involved in fighting it. The events also give volunteers hands-on experience in leadership development, team-building, relationship-building, creative problem-solving, and goal-setting and achievement.

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About Us

Since its inception, Rise Against Hunger has delivered food, essential aid and disaster relief (food, medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, clothing and blankets) to millions of hungry, vulnerable people and disaster victims in 74 countries around the world.  This program was recognized as "Stop Hunger Now" and was re-named this past year.

 Country  Meals 
Afghanistan 2,666,629
Angola Aid
Armenia 270,864
Australia 97,200
Azerbaijan 803,736
Belize 4,348,886
Bolivia 285,120
Botswana Aid
Brazil 422,898
Burkina Faso 7,158,240
Burundi 3,729,240
Cambodia 9,450,648
Cameroon Aid
Central African Republic 1,944
Chad Aid
Chile Aid
China 315,144
Colombia 1,211,760
Congo 256,608
Costa Rica 100,008
Cote d'Ivoire 285,120
Cuba 484,704
Dominican Republic 14,600,736
Ecuador Aid
El Salvador 10,333,224
Ethiopia Aid
Georgia 541,728
Ghana 285,120
Guatemala 9,285,192
Guinea Aid
Haiti 79,287,588
Honduras 6,247,484
India 969,408
Indonesia 570,240
Jamaica Aid
Japan Aid
Kazakhstan Aid
Kenya 4,732,128
Korea North 1,423,656
Lesotho 285,120
Liberia 9,106,776
Madagascar 2,794,824
Malawi 2,309,472
Malaysia 1,410,232
Mexico 322,804
Moldova 71,280
Mozambique 2,280,960
Myanmar Aid
Nepal 142,560
Nicaragua 24,906,528
Pakistan Aid
Palestine 285,120
Panama 2,176,632
Peru 863,568
Philippines 16,098,320
Romania 177,768
Rwanda 285,120
Sierra Leone 2,330,364
Somalia 1,250,440
South Africa 2,519,343
South Sudan 2,514,240
Sri Lanka 570,240
Swaziland 3,469,032
Syria 499,824
Tajikistan 940,896
Tanzania 285,120
Thailand Aid
Timor-Leste 1,140,480
Uganda 10,511,424
Ukraine 855,360
United States 190,296
Vietnam 8,528,544
Zambia 18,511,416
Zimbabwe 1,767,774