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Adult Study: Sunday, 9:30 am
Worship: Sunday, 10:30 am
Children's Sunday School: Sunday, 10:45 am

Painting Party!

The Interior Design Club is planning a painting party for next Saturday, September 16th from 9:00 to noon.  We will be painting the entrance area to the Fellowship Hall including the exterior door and surrounds, the walls and ceiling in the ramp area and all the trim.  The ceiling will get a new coat of white paint and the old lights will be replaced with new LED fixtures.

Actually we will be staring during the week to do the little stuff like:

9-11:30 am 
Scraping the rust off the exterior door and priming it with rust-resistant paint, filling the holes at the bottom of the door with Bondo

9-11:30 am
Painting the edges around the bottom, top and sides of all walls, painting any wooden baseboards, gluing down the floor tiles, removing broken railing parts

9-11:30 am
Replacing broken railing parts, painting the ceiling white, and replacing the fluorescent lights with the new LED light fixtures

Painting the walls, painting the exterior door, painting the exterior around the door, putting the railing back up


Interior Designers Club

We have a beautiful church that begs to be decorated. Some projects are big and permanent such as redesigning the Narthex and cloak room into an inviting entrance and historical display of our roots. Some will be small such as redesigning the space at the back of the fellowship hall or the ramp leading into the hall. And then there are the many seasons of the year where we decorate the church to celebrate the event. 

Much of the work is hands-on from club members and others who wish to volunteer their time. By developing a master plan, design, color palate, and themes, the club will give a uniformity to the look of the Chapel that conveys thought and caring to those visiting us from the community.



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