Walker Chapel UMC

Sanctuary Open for Prayer: Sunday, 9:00 am
Adult Study: Sunday, 9:30 am
Worship: Sunday, 10:30 am
Children's Sunday School: Sunday, 10:45 am





WALKER CHAPEL GROUNDS:  An architectural drawing of the grounds of Walker Chapel.

JULY NEWS:  This is the first newsletter for the Garden Club.  If you haven't added yourself to the email list yet, there are instructions on how to do so.  Any feedback is welcome at wakerchapel@uinspire.us

LANDSCAPE SURVEY:  This is a survey of the trees, property boundaries, and landscape of the cemetery with a focus on those items that need loving care and attention.

Garden Club

As a group the club works the grounds of the chapel and cemetery.  They bring in experts like Lila Fendrick and Thomas Rainer to provide guidance and tutorials.  The club maintains the master plan for the landscape and oversee all plantings and maintenance from authorized vendors like Andy’s Landscaping Service, JL Tree Service, and the like.  For those members so inclined, a personal plot maybe assigned where they have exclusive work rights within the guidelines of the master plan.  The plot would be their own, their responsibility, and their pride.  

The Club is lead by the Walker Chapel Landscape Designer who is a member of the Property Task Force under the Property Trustee of the church.  The Landscape Designer is responsible for the master plan that looks to provide consistency in plantings, prevention of invasive plants, and coordination with the Arlington County Urban Forest Manager and the Arlington County Historic Preservation Planner.

Many of the beautiful mature trees are fighting for their lives as they are choked by English and poison ivy vines. There are four large trees that have died. The back edge has been a dumping ground for broken limbs and dirt. The Walker gravesite is towards the back and is now overgrown with ivy, bushes, and volunteer trees. There are several sites in this condition. Many headstones and grave markers have been toppled by time and weather. The border along Old Glebe Road is a briar patch of pyracantha, weeds, and erosion. Visit the project page to learn how you can make a difference.



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