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Kurt Moser 

President TSAA

Kurt Moser is an independent researcher/ecologist and co-founder of the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation. As a TreeSteward (class of 2010), he has coordinated several grant-funded tree planting and tree giveaway events in Alexandria, and he was a member of the TreeStewards board from 2012-2015. His past experience includes nearly seven years as a program manager for Earth Force, a nonprofit fostering youth-driven civic action to solve environmental problems, as well as three terms on the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission.




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Last year we started a series of presentations called The FORUM.  The theme of the 2017 Forum was dedicated to opening our doors and minds to the community and world around us and to engage in conversations with people from all walks of life about the important issues of the day.  We were honored by presenters from the United States Institute for Peace, the Washington 2017 Lawyer of the Year for Immigration, the work of the Dangerous Speech Project, and Thomas Rainer and his vision of a cottage garden.  All were well attended by the community around us and the most unexpected pleasure was the Q&A sessions where the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of the attendees was awesome. 

In our book clubs this year we are finishing up reading Grounded by Diana Butler Bass.  It is, of course, a book about religion and faith but the focus is on what people believe today; about dirt, water and sky; and our relationship to the environment around us.  And so the idea came forth to move the Chapel along that path in 2018 and to serve as a conduit to increase community involvement and awareness in what groups like yours offer so one person could hear and make a difference. 


March FORUM:  May 23, 2018 - 7:30 to 9:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall

Our March FORUM will home in on the tree canopy we all enjoy so much in our corner of Virginia.  Our presenter will be Murt Moser, President of our local chapter of Tree Stewards. Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria are volunteers who take the lead within their communities to enhance a sustainable urban forest through volunteer activities and public education programs. Their volunteer activities include:

  • planting, pruning, mulching and watering of street, park and school trees
  • leading neighborhood Tree Walks and speaking at community gatherings
  • advocating for trees wherever and whenever needed

A healthy urban tree canopy supports a healthy human population, and provides environmental and aesthetic benefits as well. Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria is an organization of volunteers dedicated to planting, preserving, and caring for our urban tree canopy, and in this presentation, Tree Stewards president Kurt Moser will discuss the benefits trees provide, the past and present condition of our urban forest, and how Tree Stewards can support Arlington residents in tree selection, tree planting, and tree care. We will also discuss some of the major threats to our tree canopy, available tree care resources, the Tree Stewards training program, and how residents can leverage Arlington's Tree Canopy Fund.The Forum will include topics such as how to safely remove ivy from your trees,  the Tree Owners Manual, and how to recycle your old trees as lumber.  The Tree Stewards website offers many valuable links to information and resources each of us can use right now to protect the trees around our homes and neighborhoods.


Come Join the FORUM

 If you would like to come and be part of the Forum, please let us know via email to ie@uinspire.us