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Peace and Faith in Our Time


January's Forum is a discussion of the violent conflicts that abound in the world and the efforts of the United States Institute of Peace to help prevent and resolve issues which pose risks for U.S. and global security. The approach of the USIP is to bring together experts and practitioners to counter violent extremism and promote religious tolerance. It develops tools to improve the rule of law and tests approaches to conflict prevention and peacebuilding to ensure the U.S. is using the best tools to protect our interests without violence. 

Rev. Hayward will share with us the significance of the February, 2016, conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, and its pronouncements by Muslim scholars in their pledge of support for religious minorities. The Marrakesh Declaration draws from Islamic tradition, particularly the seventh century Charter of Medina, to affirm equal citizenship as an Islamic principle and traditional form of governance prescribed by Prophet Muhammad.

Rev. Hayward will also touch on her work in editing Women, Religion, and Peacebuilding: Illuminating the Unseen, which shows how women determined to work for peace have faced these obstacles in ingenious ways.

Palwasha L. Kakar, the senior program officer for religion and inclusive societies at the U.S. Institute of Peace, will go further into the detail of USIP work in Afghanistan. Her discussion will bring to life the inner workings and efforts for peace as a constant pushing and easing of pressure and charm as she and her cohorts make progress for peace and equality.

The Forum will discuss applying the lessons learned in these far off countries to our lives here in the United States. What can we do through our actions, participation, and works to guarantee our freedoms, equality and tolerance for all?


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