Walker Chapel UMC

Sanctuary Open for Prayer: Sunday, 9:00 am
Adult Study: Sunday, 9:30 am
Worship: Sunday, 10:30 am
Children's Sunday School: Sunday, 10:45 am





Supporting Our Community & World  

The act of giving shows our love for our community and world.  Each year Walker Chapel donates time, effort and money to vetted local charities, national, and international groups, many of which are associated with the United Methodist Church.  The time and effort comes from us. The money comes from  designated individual donations, special events like our Aprilfest and Octoberfest celebrations, as well as seasonal offerings at Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas.  All funds raised and donations received through these activities go to the benevolent pathways of the chapel.  It is truly a way you can ensure every dollar you donate goes to a worthwhile and vetted group. 



The Wall of Memories 

Coming to Walker Chapel soon...keep tuned to this channel for breaking news!

This is but a part of the largest construction Project since the
building of the Sanctuary in 1959-1960

The Wall of Memories



Portico Restoration Project 

The portico to the Chapel is the first noticed by travelers passing the church.  The soaring columns, the traditional yet plain white entry, and the black doors are inspirational as the church sits on a small rise framed by the two announcement boards out front.  At night, with the lights illuminating the front and the moon and clouds above it is a beautiful site.  This project is to restore the portico from the steps to the top of the portico roof.  Please click below to see all that is planned for this area of our historic Chapel.




Cemetery Restoration Project 

The Walker Chapel Cemetery is a designated Historical Area dating back to when the chapel was first formed and the land was donated by Robert and Margaret Walker.

Over the years many individuals have made huge improvements that have contributed to the beauty and serenity of the cemetery.  The building of the entrance gates, removal of brambles and vines, adding the entrance patio and bench, the apostle lights, and the care on T-for-Tal and Chapel Day this year all show the care and love we have for this special place in our community.

Last fall we tackled the overgrown with ivy, bushes, and volunteer trees and prepared the grounds for more this spring. Many of the beautiful mature trees were  fighting for their lives as they are choked by English and poison ivy vines sometimes more than 3” thick.  Also many headstones and grave markers have been toppled by time and weather.  We plan to fix all of this with the help of the Garden Club and the Archealogy & Genealogy Club as soon as the weather allows.

This work is planned to be expanded as we seek to concept approval for a more complete restoration including replacement of the retaining wall and a significant increase in the number of burial spaces available in the cemetery.