Walker Chapel UMC

Sanctuary Open for Prayer: Sunday, 9:00 am
Adult Study: Sunday, 9:30 am
Worship: Sunday, 10:30 am
Children's Sunday School: Sunday, 10:45 am

Photography & Art Club

The pictures taken by Ron Musselwhite and Pastor Mark Burgess are works of art.  Others in the chapel and community are equally talented in graphic arts, sketching, watercolors, acrylics, and oil.

This club will share their skills and projects, invite presenters for workshops and tutorials, and use the website to display their works in high-tech albums, rotators, sliders and the like.  Field trips to local sites will give the sketchers and plein air artists time to work and share a good time together.  At some point the club may wish to sell copies of their work via the Chapel’s online store or have a gallery/auction day to raise funds.  

This club is closely aligned with the Chapel Archeology Club which looks to the past while the Art and Photography Club looks to the past, current and future.  



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