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Inspiration Exchange

The role of the Chapel in the community is one that we assess as we follow the guidelines of the United Methodist Church and RETHINKCHURCH.  As Mark Burgess said from the pulpit a few Sundays ago, the church is not the building, not the grounds and flowers, not the historic cemetery; the church is us.  And we approach the world with open doors, open hearts, open minds as we play a meaningful role in our ever-changing society.  

The Inspiration Exchange serves two purposes.  It looks for Inspiration among our members, other churches, the UMC at large, the Bishop, the Laity, and God for actionable activities that represent the Chapel and invite the community to join our Communion.  It looks to Exchange these inspirations with anyone, anywhere who is willing to listen and speak out.   This list of clubs comes from the Inspiration Exchange, they are the inspiration…will you now join in the exchange?

The Initiatives from the Inspiration Exchange are available for reading and download:



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