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Worship: Sunday, 10:30 am
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Pledging...What we have always done

We pledge to support our Chapel and our dollars provide the foundation upon which so much depends.  Without the foundation there would be no benevolence program with Oktoberfest, Aprilfest and a celebration of our faith across the seasons.  Without the foundation there would be no place to meet, to share our friendship and love for each other.  Without the foundation those who passed before us would not still be under our care and protection.  Without the foundation we would not have a church office, a pastor, or a music department.  

A pledge is not given to meet an obligation, it is not given to pay a tax, it is not given because you have to...it is given because you want to keep the foundation of our Chapel strong and healthy.  We raise money for the window restoration project, money for the cemetery restoration project, we volunteer our time to paint the halls and walls, and we offer our skills to complement the many vendors that work on the Chapel.  But none of that relieves the need for a solid foundation, a predictable source of funding, a recurring bonding of our souls to the soul of the Chapel.  

Your pledges are the bricks in our foundation.  As you pledge you will see your symbolic brick put in place as you help build the foundation for 2019.  Your name on a brick tells the world that you are standing with us to continue the good work of the Chapel.  Talk to your friends, talk to your family members, talk to members far from sight but still in your hearts, and ask if they too can help build the foundation.


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