Walker Chapel UMC



  • Memories


    The people, places, and events that shaped our lives

  • At Dawn

    At Dawn

    As the sun comes up the wall shines in the light

  • Daylight


    All are reflected by the wall in the daylight

  • At Night

    At Night

    After dusk the wall lights up for all to see

  • Wall Plaques

    Wall Plaques

    Laser engraved on black granite for incredible beauty

  • Inside the Wall

    Inside the Wall

    Solid concrete and granite for a millenium 


As we go through life each of us has experienced times when a word said here or an experience shared there has help lead us to a better path. Maybe it was a teacher that caused you to pause and think.  Maybe a friend, loved one, or even a leader.  Maybe it was a place that shook you down to your soul or raised you to new levels of compassion. Maybe it was an event that opened your mind to what could be.



Walker Chapel is the place where you can write those memories on a wall.  It is not a memorial but rather a permanent marker of that memory so important to who you are.  A marker that each time you see it causes you to again experience that time.  
The new retaining wall will be constructed either of poured concrete with imbedded iron rebar or concrete block with imbedded iron rebar and cavity filled with concrete.   The details will be left to the engineers, the message is the wall is built to last centuries.  

The wall will run some 150 feet starting at the steps to the cemetery and running down the hill.  The wall will be in two sections.  The first section will start at one foot high, run level, and end at thirty-two inches tall at the end.  The important part is the top of the wall is level.  Back from this wall some thirty inches will be the second wall.  The second wall will be four feet above the top of the first wall.  Terracing in this manner produces an attractive wall while reducing its massiveness and making it structurally more simple.   

The first and second walls will be clad with polished black granite.  The first wall will have pieces one foot wide and high enough to be below ground from the sidewalk.  The second wall will have a one foot by six inch starter row and five rows of one foot by nine inch tablets.  All edges will be clean cut.  The first and second walls will be topped with a one foot by nine inch cap with a standard round edge and polished sides. In between the two walls will be a valley for drainage and for a string of exterior lights to light up the wall at night.