Walker Chapel UMC



  • Reflection Garden

    Reflection Garden

    The three areas of the garden with the scattering garden highlighted

  • Topology


    Steep bank up from Glebe Road trailing off into the parking lot

  • The Garden

    The Garden

    WIld flowers and native Virginia plantings and evergreens

  • Church Stewardship

    Church Stewardship

    Maintained by Walker Chapel United Methodist Church

  • View in Peace

    View in Peace

    A separate viewing area for pause and reflection 

  • Memorial Wall

    Memorial Wall

    To place the names and dates of those we memorialize



The Reflection Garden at Walker Chapel consists of three parts:

  1. The Scattering Garden,
  2. The Viewing Garden, and
  3. The Memorial Wall

The three parts and the enclosed parking lot are part of the Walker Chapel Historical Area of Arlington County sponsored by members, friends, and neighbors of Walker Chapel.





The Scattering Garden

The large triangular section bordering Glebe Road is currently heavily overgrown but has many beautiful, mature trees.  The land starts out level with the parking lot and increasingly slopes up to a ridge line that is fairly level from mid-way down the property to N. Tazewell Street. The State of Virginia via VDOT manages the property through a Right-of-Way.  The land belongs to Arlington County.  The Right-of-Way allows for a widening of the road should it be be necessary.  The probability of this action is very low because the bottleneck is in the canyon lower down on Glebe Road and Chain Bridge. VDOT allows individuals and groups to landscape Right-of-Way properties under the supervision of their landcape and arbolist departments.  VDOT has been respectfully receptive to our plans and has assigned specific staff to assist us in processing our requests.

Walker Chapel will be submitting VDOT Form LUP-LS, Landscape Installation & Maintenance, for approval to allow the Chapel to transform the jungle eye-sore into a beautiful natural area.  The overgrowth will be cleared out and the easement area left natural with the mature trees forming the barrier between the scattering garden and Glebe Road.  Where trees have fallen or have dangerous limbs, VDOT will provide help in clearing downed trees, but most of the work will be on us. 

Coming down the hill from the ridge line crest the grounds would be landscaped and a scattering garden of perennial wildflowers and other selected plantings would be in the shaded oval in the first picture above.  In support of this design Walker Chapel will be submitting VDOT Form LUP-A, Land Use Permit Application, together with supporting documents and fees.

The plantings in the scattering area would be selected by the Chapel with assistance from the EcoAction Arlington group, the Virginia Extension, the Master Gardeners, the Master Naturalists, and the TreeStewards of Arlington to represent the best of Virginia while blending with the main cemetery.  All under the oversight of the VDOT landscape and arborist departments of VDOT and Arlington County.  All designs would additionally be discussed with and approved by the Arlington Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board [HALRB].

There would be a few natural pathways through the scattering area but no seats, benches, marker stones or other such items that would mar the simplicity and beauty of the restful garden.
The three parts and the enclosed parking lot are to be a Historical Arlington Landmark sponsored by members, friends, and neighbors of Walker Chapel.  

The Viewing Garden

The viewing garden is a rectangular area across from the scattering garden.  This area will have an undulating row of evergreens across the bottom and up the side with the homes.  The intent is to block the line of sight from the homes and the plantings will be coordinated with the landscape committee of the Glebe Townhomes Association.  The main feature will continue to be a grass lawn for events, sports and Scout use.  There will also be a one or more sugar maple trees to provide shade in the summer and color in the fall.  Under the maples will be comfortable benches where visitors may pause, relax and view the scattering garden as it rises to the tree line.

The three parts and the enclosed parking lot are to be a Historical Arlington Landmark sponsored by members, friends, and neighbors of Walker Chapel.  

Memorial Wall

The existing wall is in poor condition and it appears the hill is slowly sliding into the parking lot.  The leaning and rotting timbers have become worse over the past two years to the point that the block wall edging the Memorial Garden appears to be sinking.

The wall needs to be replaced. The choice is to pay to replace it with another wooden wall or to turn it into feature of the Chapel.

The proposal is to replace the wooden wall with a solid, concrete wall.  This 94 foot section across the back of the cemetery will be a Memorial Wall dedicated to those placed in the scattering garden.   In addition, many families have scattered ashes around the world.  They may also place a marker on the Memorial Wall to assist in giving them closure and a physical place where they can come and view a memorial to their loved ones.   The markers will be made from absolute black granite etched by CO2 laser with names, dates, and other approved images.  A cemetery garage with the CO2 laser and working inventory of granite will be located in the corner of the parking lot to the left of the Memorial Wall and beside the cemetery access ramp and will blend in with the Memorial Wall while giving access from the parking lot to the main cemetery.