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  • Cemetery


    Sections, rows, lots, and gravesites since 1848

  • Geneology


    Researching family histories with aids like Ancestry.com

  • Looking for Data

    Looking for Data

    A front-end search engine to find data

  • Sites


    Gravesites are at the center of our recordkeeping

  • Plots & Lots

    Plots & Lots

    Sites are contained within Plots...also called Lots

  • Owners


    Each gravesite is licensed to an individual sometimes called the owner without ownership

  • People


    Gravesites hold the earthly remains of people we know and loved

  • Records


    Pictures, certificates, marriges, census data, and memorabelia 

  • Our Database

    Our Database

    Cloud based, virtual servers, secure and backed up every 30 min.




The Geneology Research team is digging into the historical records for the cemetery and entering the data into a cloud based system that will let us know how many grave sites we have, how many have souls at rest, how many are reserved, and how many are open to new burials. But these are our friends, family, and fellow church members and so their lives will be celebrated with pictures, records, and, most of all, their stories for all to enjoy into the future.







Meet Emma

Emma was born March 12, 1872 to William and Margaret in Tilghmanton, Maryland.  At a young age she caught the eye of her future husband, David, who patiently awaited her coming of age before marrying her.  David was a 47-year old mechanic and Emma was just 21 when they married on Jun 4th 1983.  They had four daughters.  On July 7th 1906 around 9:30pm 3Emma was walking at Hayes Crossing in downtown DC when she was suddenly struck by a Cabin John streetcar, hurled 20 feet and died of a broken neck.  The coroner returned a verdict of unavoidable accident.  David took the four girls to Rev. Davenport in DC which may have been the start of an orphanage.  Emma is one of the 702 souls now resting in our historic cemetery.  Her marker, like many of that age, is partially buried, surrounded by weeds, and in need of restoration.