Walker Chapel UMC



  • Engravings


    With a solid granite stone we can etch any image or words

  • Location


    Second terrace of the north wall of the cemetery

  • Design


    Panels of columbaria set off by large engraved black granite

  • Angled Columbaria

    Angled Columbaria

    For a more pleasing look and ease of access

  • Interior


    Space age materials for total protection

  • Security


    Indiviual locking nitches

  • Artistic


    Many designs to consider over the next year


Walker Chapel has a responsibility to provide burial on hallowed ground to all who seek God’s grace and the love of Jesus. Coming generations have shown an inclination toward cremation rather than full burial.  The signposts are clear and point to the use of columbaria to provide for members, friends, and neighbors of Walker Chapel.  The columbaria will be graceful, inspiring, and holy as the polished absolute black granite facing reflects back the faces of loved ones who gather in His name.





Columbaria Design

A multi-cell columbaria consists of an aluminum frame set on a concrete foundation.  The cells may be of aluminum or more recently of Nylene, an indestructible space-age material.  The interior door is aluminum and can be lockable.  The exterior is polished black granite to match the Wall of Memories and the Memorial wall.  Black granite is the preferred material for exterior applications and engraving.  

Construction usually places the foundation and backing wall for the entire columbaria at one time.  Columbaria are then installed on the foundation as needed and funded by reservations and sales.

There are many designs and materials and there are a number of companies that design and manufacture columbaria.  One approach is to have the base level be set at an angle.  This has proven to be very popular and eliminated the issue of placing the bottom row.

We may set each columbaria unit at an angle with an artistic black granite panel on the exposed end.