Walker Chapel UMC







 There are ten major projects within the Historic Cemetery Program:

  The Reflection Garden Stone and Markers Restoration
  The Wall of Memories Genealogy Research Project  
  Columbaria Design and Placement Historic Cemetery Landscaping  
  Walker’s Corner Meditation Garden The Chapel Memorial Garden  
  Old Glebe Road Entrances and Gardens  Walker Chapel Historic Cemetery Website  


The four projects in color above are currently active and are links to pages describing them in greater detail  These four are also menu items at the top of the page.  The remaining projects will be scheduled over the coming six years.

Below you will find a video of our historic cemetery as it was in the Winter of 2018.  Below and to the left is the project library where you may view the many documents and drawings from the project's start as one of the four components of the Walker Chapel Building for the Future Seven-Year Plan.