Walker Chapel UMC



Architectural Survey of the Grounds and Cemetery 

Walkers Chapel Methodist Protestant Church Cemetery Layout (undated)

Our Steeple:  Take a tour inside the steeple and the roof.

HVAC Initial Study:  The initial report from SAI on the options available to replace the complete HVAC system of the church.

Building for the Future:  A seven-year property management plan for Walker Chapel.

Historic Cemetery Project:  Providing Hallowed resting ground for the Comunity

Historic Cemetery Project:  A More Detailed Look with Projections

Reflection Garden:  A description with more detail

The Wall of Memories:  A description with more detail

The Columbaria:  A description with more detail

Building for the Future

The future of Walker Chapel is as bright as the sun streaming in through our Sanctuary windows.  As we restore and repair the Chapel we are also welcoming new individuals, couples and families.  Yes, list of projects is long, the need for funding beyond comprehension, and few of us to call upon.  Yet there is also our faith, determination, and we do have solutions.  

So please review the pages you will find in this area of the website and let us know your thoughts, concerns, questions, and inspirations.  You may click on the CONTACT US menu option above to send a message, leave a message marked BFTF with Claudia in the office, talk to us when we meet., or you can email us at