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Cemetery Restoration Project

Many headstones and markers have been toppled by time and weather.  Others are so stained they cannot be read.  Some are even broken.  This part of the restoration project is to clean the stones, level the crooked ones, rejoin the broken ones, and recover the lawn around the sites.  The estimated cost is $4,000.  Our new Archeology Club will guide the restoration and we will need lot's of hands on history to make this happen.


Get Your Hands Dirty

in Our History


Archaeology and Genealogy Club

Our heritage is rich with personal histories, artifacts, and stories. The archaeology and Genealogy club will seek out this heritage and document it for all to view, search and discover on the Chapel website. 

One of the first projects will be the cemetery documentation project where all knowledge will be graphically displayed on the computer screen. Hovering over a site will reveal data on those resting there and families will be able to upload photographs, stories and historical content in memory of their departed ones. The system will form the basis for grant fundraising to further restore and enhance our historic cemetery as we seek to extend the system to the Calloway UMC and Mount Olivet historic cemeteries as they wish. 

 Similar research and discovery will take place over the treasure trove of artifacts we currently have as we seek to protect them from the elements.



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